Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a traditional, attractive type of fencing which is popular for uPicket Fencingse in gardens, play areas and for other domestic boundaries.

It also known as Wooden Palisade Fencing and has a choice of pointed or rounded pale tops.

Wooden Palisade Fencing can be various heights and is usually known as picket fencing when it is below four feet tall.

Palisade is a strong type of fence which can allow vision through it and is often used as a decorative boundary where full privacy is not required.

3 foot Picket fencing with round top Picket fencing has wooden uprights with open slots between them (the width of the gaps can vary) to allow the wind to pass through and is therefore good for use in windy, exposed areas.

The top of the uprights can also vary - the ones above right are pointed whereas the ones on the left are rounded, giving a softer appearance.

Matching gates are available.

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