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Raised Beds

Phoenix Fencing and Decking can design raised beds to compliment your decking, fences and patios. We build our raised beds from treated timber, meaning they will last for many years and be a convenient and attractive addition to your garden.

Raised beds are a wonderful way of growing vegetables and flowers in a small area and creating areas in your garden.

Raised Vegetable Beds, Haverfordwest/Raised Grass formed with railway sleepers, Clarbeston Road

In the first photograph on the left, for example, an L shaped raised bed creates a cosy patio area- and enables vegetables and herbs to be grown close to the house in an attractive way.

In the middle picture raised beds have been incorporated into a fantastic garden area, also featuring a raised pond, gravel, trellis work and a gateway leading to another garden area and decking areas to the right.

The right hand image shows an area that has been terraced using railway sleepers, filled in with top soil and turfed. This has been combined with blockwork, steps, a patio area and finished with gravel to create a smart and very easily maintained garden.

Raised beds are fantastic for wheelchair users, children and the elderly as they can be built at a convenient height to reduce bending down. Raised beds also reduce the need to dig, making gardening more accessible for everyone.

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Phoenix Fencing and Decking operate throughout the whole of West Wales, including Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.